Smart process applications that complement your insurance systems

If you do non-life, life, pension, or health insurance, your core insurance systems, take care of your primary processes and documents. Most however, also have processes less catered for: Long term document archiving, mailroom processing, email handling, contracts management, financial files, and supplier invoices — to name a few. Next is the easy answer to this.     

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Insurers take Next to their hearts

Alm. Brand, LB Forsikring, and SOS International in Denmark, together with JFG in Norway, and Folksam in Finland, are among the insurers who found that adding Next to their core insurance systems, makes their business run better.

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Insurers run their own user group

A number of companies in the insurance industry running Next have joint up to form the Next: Insurance User Group. They use the forum to meet up, share experiences, and educate themselves. With our focus on the industry, it's a nobrainer to support this initiative.

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Architectured future with your insurance systems as the core,
and Next as a foundation

Next is a suite of Ready-to-Go products for selected business processes, but also much more. Those who benefit the most, implement Next as a foundation for document and process management througout the company. So seamlessly integrated in their insurance systems, that no one can tell them apart. So loosely coupled, that they can swap systems whenever needed.

No matter what the future brings of new business systems — on premises or in the Cloud — Next secures continuity and efficiency.

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In Multi Support we serve companies in several industries, but no other industry has the same focus as insurance does. The match we have found between the requirements, and our solutions, methodologies, and values is close to perfect. If you'd like to know why - give us a call.

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