Next runs Java for free - also after 1 January 2019

With the changed terms and conditions for Java from Oracle, you'll be pleased to know that there are free alternatives for you.



The Next platform and our Next ready-to-go products run on:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • IBM i
  • AIX and
  • in the Cloud.

We achieved this flexibility by the use of Javatm - the world’s leading programming language and run-time environment, designed especially for platform-independent enterprise software.

In the trade press, you may have heard that Java is no longer free to use. This post is intended to explain why this is not correct, and how Java will still be free for you to use, even after 1 January 2019.


Java is owned by Oracle, but it is Open Source, and as such, free to use. Also, for commercial use, such as running Next.

As of 1 January 2019, Oracle has chosen to change the terms and conditions for the Java versions they distribute.

From this date on, any new Java from Oracle is no longer free to use for a practical commercial purpose. 


You may choose to stay with the Java 8 you already have from Oracle.

Then you either need to pay a license fee in order to get new security updates or live without the updates.

If you don't pay Oracle, you must refrain from updating your Java 8, and risk severe security breaches in case a security flaw is detected in the version you run.

If you after 1 January 2019 install or update any Java from Oracle you will have to pay a license fee to Oracle.

Our recommendation is to switch to AdoptOpenJDK unless your platform provides you with a specific Java version (e.g. IBM i). On IBM i? Read more

AdoptOpenJDK provides you with free of charge versions of exactly the same Java (including the most recent security fixes) for Windows, macOS, Linux, and AIX.

Currently Next runs with Java 8.

Next does not run with Java 9, Java 10, or Java 11.
When Next is available in a version for Java 11, we will notify you.


Installing and updating Java is a simple process, and you are most welcome to handle this yourself. The below instructions will allow you to do so.

Otherwise, your Multi Support consultants are happy to help you out as always. Consultancy related to this is not covered by your Next Software Service Plan.

When using AdobtOpenJDK simply download it from and follow guidelines from our documentation.

If you want commercial support for your Java run-time environment, you will have to sign up for such support separately.

This is no different before or after 1 of January 2019.

Final thoughts

You may ask - why doesn't Multi Support make it easy for me? Why don't you just include this Java thing in your distribution of Next?

We would love to do this for you, but the license terms for Java simply doesn’t allow us to do so.

If we, in any other way, can make it easy for you, let us know.

If you have any questions regarding Java for Next, please reach out to your local Multi Support consultant - or to me.


Torben Riis 
Lead Architect


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