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Automation is the key. Never forget the rest.

The key to become flexible, cost efficient, and compliant is automation. Even the best automation leaves manual tasks behind. TYou must keep your manual processes in shape. Or loose what you've gained from automation, on cumbersome manual processes. With Next Mailroom, we pay just as much attention to the exceptions and the processes to handled them, as we do to the exciting technology that takes care of the automation.


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[Illustration: Manual classification screen dump]

Manual classification

Whenever Next Mailroom fails to classify a piece of correspondence automatically, it asks a human operator to help out. A strucured process is automatically started, and a task assigned to a relevant operator. From the easy to use UI, they then select the relevant classification type. Easy, and assisted all the way. The human intervention is of course logged for compliance, and for future learning.

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[Illustration: Manual indexing with lookup]

Human assisted indexing

From time to time even Next fails to collect all index information. Next Mailroom automatically starts a predefined process that involves humans who knows how to index this specific class of documents. From the easy to use UI, they will enter missing index data. Helped by automatic validation against data from the insurance system. And with one-click access to searching the insurance systemes for customers, policies, claims etc. This intervention is of course logged for compliance, and for future learning.

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[Illustration: Screen dump with rules]

Rules the easy way

The right rules at all times, is the key to performance. The rules are maintained by people in the departments. Without the need to involve staff from IT, or external consultants. This allows t fast reaction. If a storm requires a new rule in place, it can be done in minutes.

Still rules are managed professionally. Defined. Tested. And then deployed. Protected by permissions. And with all changes documented. 

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[Illustration: Screen dump with graphs]

Logging and monitoring

When you automate your mailroom processing, it becomes increasingly important to log and monitor what's going on. We process higly confidential and GDPR protected documents, that are essencial to the performance of the business. Everything that happens to each document is logged to the second. You get full overview of status and performance in your mailroom processesing. If one or more documents get stranded, Next will automatically notify the responsible manager.

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More for you to like


Automatic OCR and more

Get documents that are not in a 'machine readable' format? Next Mailroom has an option to automatically perform OCR (optical character recognition). Speak-to-text, and object recognition in photos are on the roadmap. 



Next Mailroom is designed for high-volume processing. Captures documents, and processes them by the millions - or billions. Still the product is designed with ease of use in mind. Also for the smaller organization. No volume is too small, and no volume too big.


Enterprise grade security

Next lets in the right people – and keeps out the rest. Access to documents, logs, rules, and features is fully controlled by permissions. In line with GDPR, you configure privacy by design, and privacy by default. If you don't need it, you cant see it. And forget about circumventing the defined permissions. Security is built-in.


Audit log. Tamper proof

Whenever someone makes a change in Next Mailroom , it’s logged to the second. What, who, and when. Even when a document is deleted, the Next audit log shows by whom and when. And Next keeps a copy on record for documentation. Unless this document type is classified as protected by GDPR and required to be completely destroid. 


Easy implementation

Next is easy on the eyes. And easy to use.  Next has been rolled out in organizations with thousands of users. Think big, and start small.


Pick and choose

Start out with the communication channels you need, and add more if the need arises. The same applies to other advanced options.


Enterprise archive option

In case you don't already have an enterprise archive in place, Next Enterprise archive is the obvious option.


Workflow option

In case your insurance systems do not support workflows for claims and such, Next Processes is an viable option.


Good to know.
For some


Next Mailroom is a complete standard product that works right out of the box. Based on experiences from others. Therefore, you get the most "bang for the buck." No demanding project. No costly implementation. No unpleasant surprises. We call it "Ready-to-Go."

software updates

Next Mailroom has excellent support for software updates. As the software evolves and new features are added, updates are immediately available. And with a one-click update to bring new functionality to all users. No complicated migrations. 

Standard. Yet extensible

Architected for extensibility, Next will not limit you. Almost anything can be customized to meet your needs. Need to validate policy numbers in your insurance system? Or distribute directly to your portal? Next will take you there. Preserving seamless software updates.

Fits in with your stuff

Next Mailroom runs on your servers or in the cloud. Amazing performance on impressively moderate hardware. With no surprise costs to external databases. Next captures emails from any email sever, and syncs its users easily with your AD, or any other directory services.

Next Mailroom, any way you want


You can get Next Mailroom they way that match your setup



In the cloud          On premise



One-time license     Subscription





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