EU Data Protection (GDPR) and encryption

The EU Data protection act (GDPR) regulates the responsibilities of organizations that collect, hold, and process data related to individuals. Many companies use Next as an important component in their infrastructure for handling such data. That is why we collect and share knowledge on the practical implications of implementing GDPR when using Next. One of the themes often mentioned in connection with GDPR is encryption, as encryption is considered one of the possible measures to protect sensitive data.
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5 reasons you should look into Next Invoices if you consider a new ERP

“We are moving to SAP, NAV, AX, or something else in 6, 12, or 24 months.”

Congratulations! You just identified the best possible time to introduce a new Invoice processing solution. As with Husqvarna, having an external invoice processing solution in place will ease the transition. And save you loads of money.
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Easy searches and complex data entry in Next

Next Forms lets us customize your Next solution using the technology used for Next core product development. More features, easier implementation, and no upgrade lock-in.
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Where is invoice processing heading these days?

The Egyptians did it, the Greeks did it, the Romans did it, and today everybody does it — trade in credit. Order goods, receive goods, receive an invoice, and pay the invoice in due time. We strive to become more efficient in the process. Strive to save money.
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Next eats up your Windows memory – and is proud of it!

Your Windows server is running low on memory. 0 Mb free physical memory! Time to panic? Absolutely not – read on to learn why. But only if you truly enjoy the nitty-gritty details of memory management.
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Business systems come and go. Documents are forever

When you invest huge sums and lots of time in a new CRM system, a new HR system, or even more in a new ERP system, you unconsciously expect it to last forever. How else could you justify the sacrifices – monetary and human – needed to make these inevitable swaps?
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10 warning signs that you are wasting your money on processing invoices

“I do it every day. Approve invoices. It works. What’s the problem?”
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Why your fire insurance coverage is worthless

Tip of the day: Cancel your fire insurance. The money you get to replace production lines and office furniture, even operating income, won’t keep you in business anyway.
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Six reasons to ditch your current archive right now

When is the right time to introduce a new business output archive?
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The writing on the wall is clear: Paper based processes have no place in today's businesses

"68% believe paper-centric processes to be unacceptable, yet 21% find their paper use to be increasing!"
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Get the 5 reasons why handling your
contracts in Excel can be a costly mistake.

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